Mike Doyle Surf School

Mike Doyle Surf School
San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Website: www.mikedoylesurfschool.com

Soul can still be found here  at the Cabo Surf Hotel. Perched above one of the best surf breaks in town is an idyllic enclave of tranquillo that recalls the 1970's surfer's paradise the peninsula once was. Surfers can rent boards or take lessons from legendary long-boarder Mike "Ironman" Doyle, who has a surf shop set up on the beach out front, and paddle out in old-school style in Los Cabos.


About Us.

Cabo Surf Shop is located inside Cabo Surf Hotel is located in one of the best surfing beaches in Los Cabos. It is the ideal place for surfing in long table due to their long waves and durable.

We are located in the tourist corridor in the kilometer 28, just 8 minutes from the shops of downtown San Jose del Cabo and the area of gourmet restaurants and 20 minutes from Cabo San Lucas nightlife.

If you are a fan of surfing, will appreciate our Cabo Surf Shop in the facilities of the Cabo Surf Hotel, with its great variety of rental of tables of Surftech that include: long tables, short tables, tables soft, boogie and stand up paddleboards. There is no need to bring their own tables risking damage and abuse.

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School hours: 8am to 6pm daily. (7 pm in the summer).

Price Group: $79.00 usd per person (minimum 3 people, 1 instructor by group of 5 or less), classes with periods of time from 1 to 1.5 hours maximum, depending on the number of people in the group (rate includes taxs).

Semi Price: $89.00 Group usd per person (2 persons, 1 instructor for both). Lesson lasts 1 hour (rate includes taxs).

Individual classes: $99.00 usd per person (1 instructor by each student).

All the classes include: rental of the table, Rashguard for lessons, instructions on the beach and in the water.

Our Cabo  Surf Shop offers surf board rentals of all types,  as well as  boogie board rentals, unique clothing, hats and  surfing paraphernalia.

Our  instructors are professional life guards and know these waters  well. You can feel safe and at ease knowing you are going to have  an exciting time and alot of fun!


Mike  Doyle Surf School offers corporate surfing instruction  with focus on: Fun, Fitness, Team Work, Morale Building and Surf Parties!  We teach private lessons as well as large groups up to 10 persons at a time. For each lesson we provide ground instruction, water instruction  and surfboards. Private lessons are 1 hour and group lessons can reach  2 hours for each group. Catering from our 7  Seas restaurant can be arranged  for corporate events linked to our surf school.

Our  Corporate Surf Class includes ocean awareness, surf etiquette, paddling  technique and wave riding. Enthusiastic and qualified instructors coach  these features into a format that is fun and stress relieving as well  as informative and professional.

The mutual experience of learning to surf creates a strong relationship  among first-time participants. In a way, everyone is in the same boat.  It acts as an equalizer that builds a strong corporate team.

Reasons to use the Mike Doyle Surf School as your corporate team-building  event:

  -Creates  relationships among co-workers

 -Fosters  company retention

  -Co-workers learn something new together

  -Co-workers are on the same playing field

  -Co-workers interact in an unusual and unique setting

  -Co-workers see their peers learning and improving in a sport

We have a sand beach with a surf spot, surf shop, restaurant-bar and  a boutique resort available for the ultimate corporate surf event!

Pricing  is $60.00 (US) plus tax (10%) per  person on private lessons or groups.  Private lessons (1 student per lesson) are 1 hour each. Groups get  one  instructor for 4 people at a time, this way we guarantee the best attention  possible. Group lessons may expand up to 2 hours if students have the stamina.

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Mike Doyle Surf School - San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

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